The dragonborn never did do well in the cold. Its a reptile thing. However, no matter how uncomfortable a dragonborn may be in the cold, its draconian cousins always fared worse. The draconians, generally not as hardy as their brethren, tended to stay farther to the South, in the warmer, tropical climates. It is for this reason that Silas’ family was often considered to be quite odd. Silas was born the youngest son to a northern-dwelling draconian clan. Rumor has it that their family had been banished up to the north ages ago in some war or another, but no one could really remember for sure. Nonetheless, the draconians made the best of their situation and eked out a meager survival in the northern wastes.

It was one day, while on a ice fishing trip with his father, that Silas had quite the fatal accident. As previously mentioned, draconians don’t fare too well in the cold. When Silas fell through a thin patch in the ice, his father did not spend too much effort attempting to rescue him. This was not due to any malice toward the child. It was simply that even if he were to survive the water, he would likely still freeze to death in the night. Presumed dead and lost, Silas drifted toward the bottom of the lake and quickly lost consciousness.

It was much to his own surprise when he awoke not too long later, still underwater. It felt warmer for some reason, not the freezing chill that he had first experienced when being submerged. Even more surprising, he found that he had no trouble breathing, despite being nearly 10ft submerged. At first, Silas thought to say a silent prayer of thanks to the Gods, but he couldn’t think of any deities that could possibly have done this, so he quickly gave up and started looking around for the reason behind his sudden salvation.

After a few minutes of adjustment, Silas discovered a small water elemental floating about him. The tiny creature had the look of a humanoid figure made of ice. It was less than a foot in height and seemed content to bob cross-legged in the water near him, giving him curious looks. Silas did his best to try to communicate some semblance of a “thank you” to the tiny creature before swimming (clumsily) to the surface. Silas discovered that the lake had frozen over again in his time unconscious. He pulled out his knife, but was unable to get any leverage underwater to cut through the ice. Meanwhile the ice creature continued to bob about him, at times seeming to laugh at his futile attempts to escape.

So began Silas’ long stay in the lake. Everyday he would attempt to break through the ice, but was unable to until spring arrived. In that time, the small elemental became a friend to him. Silas learned to swim quite comfortably that winter, hunt small fish, and found himself starting to develop some elemental magic due to his exposure to the creature (whom he soon renamed Nylia). When he finally broke through the ice, Nylia shot out of the water like a bolt and started doing cartwheels in the air, equally happy to have escaped her watery prison as well.

His family was more than a little surprised when he returned from the lake two months later. They were a superstitious bunch and believed he had been reincarnated or else kept alive through some dark magic. Finding no home there anymore, Silas built his own cottage in the mountains and lived with Nylia for some time, perfecting his ice magic and helping travelers in the area.

One day, he woke up to find Nylia gone. There was no sign of a struggle of any kind, she was simply missing. She had not told him of this (he had learned to speak some rudimentary Primordial during his time with her) and he awaited her return. When she hadn’t returned in a week he decided to set out to find her, tracking his little friend through weak elemental magic she had left in her wake. Silas has been wandering the lands since, searching for his lost friend as she roams about.


Light blue draconian. Wears a white cloak over his wings to pass himself off as dragonborn. Stands at 6’7" and is a bit more muscular than an average draconian. Carries a small curved dagger and a walking staff. Nylia is a water elemental, typically taking the form of a humanoid made of ice or water. When tired or lazy (which is often) she will usually chill out as a damp spot on Silas’ cloak.


Typically calm and cool tempered. Jovial amongst friends, but can easily become intimidating when someone is threatened. Nylia is curious and child-like. She doesn’t talk to strangers directly (only Silas) but will speak to other elementals and occasionally tiny animals. Nylia disappeared in search of other water elementals, but got dreadfully lost on her journey. Silas is not aware of this and is attempting to track her down.


Hates cooked meat. In the absence of fresh seafood, he will just eat vegetarian. Likes to dry his wings out in the sun after swimming, like an anhinga. Nylia enjoys playing minor tricks on others (like freezing their clothes at night and such) but will hide shyly as soon as she is recognized.


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