The realm of all mortal creatures, is full of unimaginable beauty, wonder, and darkness.


The recorded history of Valeria has been divided by scholars into 4 separate Eras. The beginning of each Era is marked by some enormous event of significance as determined by the scholars of the time.

The First Era

Little is known about the world before the First Era. Some speculate the world was simply chaos and magic, while others say there was nothing but darkness. All that is known is the First Era began with the founding of the First Kingdom and the creation of the Ancient language, from which all other languages were formed. Not much text exists from this Era, but what is known is that Valeria had no central continent. Rather, the land was divided into many different islands spread across the sea. The largest of these became the center of the First Kingdom, which spread to cover many islands. For thousands of years the First Kingdom ruled most of Valeria, until the Great Melding.

At the end of the First Era, a mysterious cataclysmic occurred that not only destroyed the First Kingdom, but also merged the most of the islands together into the continental form that exists today. Several theories exist on why this event occurred, but none have been conclusively proven.

The Second Era

Regardless, the Great Melding set the stage for the Second Era. It took several centuries before the first cities began emerging on the continent. These cities became the basis for several kingdoms that warred with each other over power for centuries. The constant power struggles and increase in monster activity caused this Era to be nicknamed the Age of Chaos.

The Third Era


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